Have You Heard of the Google Ad Grant?

Your nonprofit could qualify to receive $10,000/Month in free advertising credit from Google AdWords. At Rare Cause, we help nonprofits get approved and make the most of their Google Grant.

Ready to learn how utilizing your $120,000 in free advertising can amplify your nonprofits growth? Schedule your consultation today.

Google Grants management

How Many New Members or Donations Would It Take to Transform Your Nonprofit?

More awareness. More donors. More volunteers.  That's what you can expect from sharing your message with the most relevant people, who are ready to engage.

Rare Cause helps you reach the people who matter most to your cause.  We customize your campaign to reach people interested in your cause, and previously unaware of your nonprofit.

How Many New Members Would It Take to Transform Your Nonprofit?

What can you accomplish with more members, donors, or volunteers?  Do you want to increase brand awareness, event attendees, and your email list size?

Rare Cause specializes in helping nonprofits get approved for and leverage $120,000-$480,000* in free advertising credits. We are AdWords specialists that know the nonprofit world and challenges you face.

Google Grants management

What Is Google Grants?

Google Grants provides eligible nonprofits a huge amount of free advertising credits month.  These credits can be harnessed to increase website visits, video views, petition signatures, email list growth,  direct donations, brand awareness and more.

You can be awarded $10,000-$40,000* in free AdWords credits, every month, for your nonprofit.

AdWords is the platform Google uses to allow organizations to pay for premium placement on Google search results. Advertisers pay each time a searcher clicks their link or ad.


HUGE Monthly Budget

Once qualified, your nonprofit will receive $10,000 in free online advertising each month for Google AdWords. That is $329/day!

Free Enrollment

We take care of the Google Grants process for you. No additional costs or paperwork regardless of your organization’s size!

Increase Website Visitors

Drive thousands of new visitors to your website, For Free, each month with Rare Cause and the Google Ad Grants Program.

What We Do

Get More From Your Google Ad Grant for Nonprofits!

While you may be eligible for $10K/Month in AdCredits, Google reports that most nonprofits are only able to spend $300/Month of that!  In order to get the most out of your grant, you need an AdWords expert at your side.

There are over 3 Billion searches on Google every day.  A high quality, optimized AdWords account can send 10,000 - 40,000 new visitors to your website every month.

It's not easy, AdWords takes time and expertise.  Our goal is to help you get the most of your Google Ad Grant by using it to build your email list, promote events, build awareness, increase donations and so much more.

  • Increase recurring donations

    Through new members, brand awareness or asking directly!

  • Increase event attendance

    With our proven event targeting system, we find new guests who are looking for events just like yours.

  • Raise awareness of your nonprofit and mission

    Increase local, national or international brand awareness and find people who care about your cause.

  • Increase program enrollment

    Through strategic targeting and immediate tracking.

  • Connect with new members and volunteers

    Who want to help your organization grow.


    By partnering with the Google Grants experts. Rare Cause's mission is to help you accomplish yours!

  • PPC

    You’ll Get Approved - We Guarantee It.

    Using intimate knowledge of the limitations and requirements of the Ad Grants Program, we craft a high-quality account structure, guaranteed to get approved. 

  • SEO Monitoring

    You’ll Have A Strategy for Success

    We meet with your team to create an account strategy specific to your goals.  Monthly assessments of these goals will ensure everything stays on track as you grow.

  • launch

    Flexibility As You Grow

    As you grow, your goals will change.  Some months you may want to build your email list, other months might be about event attendance or donations.  We provide the flexibility needed to meet your ever-changing requirements. 

  • Target

    You’ll Get Active Account Optimization

    Rare Cause gives you active campaign management.  We keep everything compliant, a/b test ad's and optimize daily to help your nonprofit achieve its goals.

  • messages

    You’ll Receive Reports and Updates

    Regular reporting and monthly consultations make sure you are always informed. Our team is ROI focused, constantly delivering results backed by data.

  • volunteer

    You’ll Be Supported

    You’ll have a personal contact if you ever need support or have any questions. Phone us by day, text or email us at night. We have your back.

Increase recurring donations

Raise awareness of your nonprofit and mission

Increase event attendance

Increase program enrollment

Connect with new members and volunteers